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Developer and Publisher

Solo developer with a team of 4 others for design, illustrations, and animations


Available initially on Android and iOS in English. Future plans include a PC version, translations into other languages, and ports to other platforms.


Deckbuilder rogue-like with an optional fitness component.


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Gorathar is a deckbuilder rogue-lite game that offers more than 200 unique cards (and counting) to create a highly replayable and strategic gaming experience. Players will encounter a variety of different monsters, each requiring its own approach to defeat. With upgrades, power-ups, and strategic deck management, Gorathar promises an engaging gaming experience for fans of card games and rogue-likes.

Gorathar has one main unique feature that sets it apart from other games in the genre:

The pocket - you can pay to use energy for your cards now, but pocket them and use them later. Whether it be in the same battle or a different one. This opens up a world of different strategic options.


“... [Gorathar] is absolutely phenomenal on its own merits.” - Jared Nelson (TouchArcade)


  • 200+ unique cards.

  • 50+ different monsters, each with its own strategy.

  • "pocket" feature - pocket cards for later use

  • Mobile version is optimized for mobile platforms.

  • Optimized for mobile platforms.

  • Optional fitness component - connect to a stationary bike or cadence sensor to boost your cards.

Pricing and Availability

Gorathar is free to play, supported by optional ads granting in-game rewards for watching them. It is available worldwide on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


For press inquiries, please contact [email protected]


Dev & Game Design -
Leonardo Hanon

Design -
Karla Hanón

Illustrations -
Omar Taher Ahmed Saif Saad
Amirah Mohamad Yusri
Vinicius Bezerra
Kyah Eze

Animations -
Amirah Mohamad Yusri
Vinicius Bezerra
Kyah Eze
Omar Taher Ahmed Saif Saad

Sound Effects -
Mario Rodrigues
Leonardo Hanon